The Malinois breed was developed by the end of the 19th century and recognized by the FCI in the late 1950's. The history of the Belgian Malinois breed is written in multiple books, and our recommendation are listed in related links. The biographies of the dogs listed below reflex the most recognized dogs in our lines! 

Onix von Löwenfels

SchH3, IPO3, RCI3, breed survey, HD-2

Onix - brother to Oskar and Olaf von Lowenfels. In 1993 Onix was German Champion in the DHV Deutsche Meisterschaft.


Oskar von Löwenfels  


Oskar - brother to Onix (SchH) and Olaf (Ring) von Lowenfels.


Here is a SchH score of Oskar himself from March 1989 

TR 100 - OB97 - PR 100  =  a total of   V 297


G'Bibber - was and is a very important dog for the today's Malinois breeders.

G'Vitou, aka Varack


G'Vitou - one of the most important producer 

G'Vitou des Deux Pottois comes from the most important heritage among the working Malinois and carries the prepotent bloodlines of Dick I and Dick II. He sired many important offspring.

G'Vitou call name "Varack" never competed in Belgian ring. He was used for his bloodline and produced many excellent progeny. He was a medium-sized, robust male with a strong head

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