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status:: AKC, 

titles: in training for his title's

Aron - Marcus (140).JPG
Aron - Marcus (122).JPG

Aron is a beautiful muscular male.

Big dark head, with a beautiful dark mahagony pigment over his body. 


Aron is a friendly enough dog but does not like his space to be invaded! 

Aron is in training for his IGP title's. 

Yannick and Aron having fun on and off the Schutzhund field. 


Aron's food drive is a dream. Same goes for his play drive. He has a never-ending supply of drives.

In protection he easily can be triggered into aggression but switches easily back to prey. Aron has a monster grip on the sleeve!

Aron learns very quickly as well. He is a joy to work with. 

Aron - Marcus (113).JPG

Aron's pedigree is filled with excellent working dogs. His lines go back to Chilli Airport Hannover, Maho van de Berlex-Hoeve, Frits von Brunsbeker Land, Casper vom Further Moor, Da'Eder von der Brunnenstadt, Klemm vom Roten Falken and many other excellent working dogs!

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Aron - Marcus (258).JPG
Aron - Marcus (171).JPG
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