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breeding dog: DOCK VOM ROTEN STURM

Status: AKC, DNA, OFA Good

Titles: BH, IPO1, IPO2

"Pedigree" of his mother Shiva Airport Hannover, IPO3

"Pedigree" of his father Ando coeur de Lion, SchH3

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Dock (30).JPG
Dock (19).JPG

Dock's bio from the day's:


Dock was born in March of 2004 and has grown to be "an awesome dog". Dock has a lot  to offer to this great breed.


Dock is a fun dog all around. He is very comical, very strong, extremely handsome and has a mind of his own. Many decoy's which had the pleasure of working him remember his powerful bite work, calm grips and and the  pressure he applies during his work. Dock is extremely smart and learns quickly.

Dock is in training for his Schutzhund titles. In June 2007 Dock and I passed the BH title. In Spring of 2009 Dock and I passed our Schutzhund 1, High SchH1, High protection with 96 points.  In November of 2009 the Podium Schutzhund Club had his Fall trial and Dock and I entered. We went high SchH1 and are now on the way for our SchH3 title.

Dock is a very stable, and good looking Malinois male. He is a very social, but yet alert dog and has a striking personality. His protection work is strong, with a powerful bite and always a full grip. He inherited the nose of his dad Ando Coeur de Lion, which makes tracking a lot of fun.

Dock has an outstanding working pedigree. Many Dogs in Docks pedigree have been or are competing at Regionals, Nationals and Internationals competitions. You can find dogs like Klemm vom Roten Falken in his pedigree, Kolos Des Deux Pottois, G'Bibber, Ayko vom Forsthaus Augustdorf, Atra von der Wautz (sister to Arek von der Wautz), Ficco vom Roten Falken, Vizir du Chriskarol,... .

Dock is line bred on Oscar von Löwenfels, Saskia von Löwenfels, Kolos des Deux Pottois, G'Vitou des Deux Pottois, Haddock des Deux Pottois and Clip.

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