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our past breeding dog:: CARAQ VON LOWENFELS

Status: German Import, DMC, AKC, HD-0, ED-free, Regional, National and International competitor

Titles: BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, FH

2009 Regional Champ.jpg

Caraq's bio back in the day's: 


Hardy and Caraq enjoyed some fun filled years. They both competed on club, regional, national and international level. As of October 2009 Caraq is officially retired from the Schutzhund Sport. On June 3, 2009 Caraq turned 8 years and we decided that this was his last year of competition. The Schutzhund sport is a full body contact sport, and for a dog like Caraq the likelihood that an injury could occur is high. He hits the decoy's like a rocket, without compromise or self preservation and extreme speed.  The pictures is from his last trial, "Caraq at the 2009 Northeastern Regional Championship".

caraq_colour copy.tif

So here is a little review of their journey through time. 



In April Hardy and Caraq went to the USA Working Dog Championship in TN and placed very well. In May they went on to the AWDF Championship in PA and placed high DVG and 8th overall. The combined scores of the Championships allowed both of them to go together to the FCI World Championship, this time in Austria, Europe. A few day's after returning from Austria we went to the USA Northeastern Regional Championship in Maryland. Hardy and Caraq won the 2009 USA Northeastern Regional Championship. The only SchH 3 dog to receive a V-rating in protection at that Championship.




In April Hardy and Caraq traveled together to the AWDF Championship in Alabama and placed 8th with 96 point in protection. In September they went to the  USA Northeastern Regional's in PA and came in 4th. Caraq received 95 point in protection. We had some "sit" issues that day in obedience and protection or maybe just a hearing problem.

Caraq vom Löwenfels is a Malinois male with incredible drives. No matter what exercise you are working on he always gives you a 110 %. His trademark is the  power in the protection. He engages into the decoy without compromise or self-preservation with extreme speed and always has a full grip. You can feel his drives and intensity by just watching him. Caraq has an incredible ball / toy drive as well. He is one of the kind. He has courage, power, punch, beauty, brains, health and crazy drives. Caraq is bred to selected females only.  

Caraq-FCI 022.jpg


They started out in May at the North American Championship in Fayetteville/North Carolina. The combined scores of that Championship and the 2006 AWMA Championship allowed both of them to travel to the FCI World Championship in Torino/Italy. They did very well in the stadium, but learned, also in Italy you have to run the blinds. At the end they still receive a very good score of 92 points for their protection routine. Once home they continued with their journey with the win of the 2007 Northeastern Regional Championship in Winchester/Virginia. Again the only V-rated SchH3 dog in protection with 96 points.                 

Caraq-FCI 07.JPG


Hardy and Caraq started they competition at the AWMA Nationals in Atlanta, followed by their first FMBB World Championship in Hungary in 2006 with some hick ups in A and C. One leason learned is to hold on to that collar in protection before the courage test.


Anyhow, they completed 2006 at the AWMA Nationals in Martinsburg, WV with 96 points in protection. Many years have past since then and Hardy and Caraq have become a fantastic team, on and off the field.


Their had a fun filled and exciting journey together, many memories made! 

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