breeding female:: EIKA VOM ROTEN STURM

Status: AKC, DNA, HD-A, ED-0, BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3

Eika is born in Februay 2016 out of Race vom Further Moor, SchH1 and Jim vom Roten Merlin, IPO3. 

Eika received her BH - title (Companionship) with 15 month of age. Shy of 19 month Eika received her IPO1 title with an impressive 95 points in protection. At the age of 25 month  Eika received her IPO2 title and one month later at 26 month Eika received her IPO3 title, 96-91-90 a total of 277 points receiving a SG rating.

Eika is a happy dog, ready to work all times and loves Hardy. Eika has a ton of ball drive and her bite work is strong. Since she loves food, her tracking is super. Hardy is preparing Eika to take on her dad's footsteps to be Hardy's future competition dog. Every day they are doing something together. In general Eika is a super nice dog with excellent temperament. Just don't mess with her or one of her pups, you will find out that she does have teeth. 

Eika's breeding combines the best out of the parents Jim and Race. We are looking forward to Eika's future here at Malinois vom Roten Sturm. In her off time from working with Hardy we will breed Eika to selective males! Her first litter is doing very well. 

Eika is line bred on Angie von Greifenring, Orkan Loewenfels, Comtesse vom Roten Falken, Oskar von Loewenfels, Saskia von Loewenfels, Pacha des Deux Pottois. 

Eika's pedigree is a excellent mixture of some of the best Malinois Kennels in the world. To name a few: Mecberger, Roten Falken, Loewenfels, Parchimer Land, Berlex-Hoeve… .