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Owning a dog is a life-time commitment. It is your commitment to your dog's training that will make both of you happy.

Our Training Programs are full of fun, learning and socialization's. We condition your dog to accept the activities of everyday life in and beyond the security of your home.

Our trainers are of excellent knowledge and are wonderful behaviorists who are able to help you in all different aspects.

Our motivational dog training is done through positive reinforcement by rewarding the correct behavior with verbal praise, toys, treats or play.

Our goal is to build a positive relationship between you and your dog and to give your guidance all the way.

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Please find a short description of our Services below

Our Training programs and Services are:​


  • Board and Train Program

  • Problem Solving Program

  • Grooming Service

  • Single Obedience

  • Schutzhund 

  • Seminars and Events

In Board and Train program and Problem Solving 

Pick up and Delivery Service offered for the areas of greater Washington D.C., Tri-State area of Northern Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Eastern Pennsylvania


  • 30 to 45 minutes evaluation at your house required to customize your dog's training

  • 20 day's of customize training

  • problem solving included

  • heel, sit, down, come and stay

  • go to your place

  • stay out of certain area's in the home

  • we keep your dog in our home

  • we train in our neighborhood so the transfer into your home and neighborhood goes smoothly -

  • the only sessions you have to be involved are the last 2 session - the transfer -

  • all dogs are welcome, small or large, young and old

Problem Solving Program


Your dog's behavior problems can make your life difficult. Give us a call even if you think the problem is just a small one.

We are just a phone call away and may be able to help you via phone or with one or two training sessions at your house or our place.

No problem is to small for us! 

Executive Boarding

Pick up and Delivery Service offered for the areas of greater Washington D.C., Tri-State area of Northern Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Eastern Pennsylvania


Go in vacation worry free and let us take care of your dog.


The dogs are kept in a cool air-conditions area in the summer or in a warm environment in the winter. They are walked 3x a day.


The walking area is a 5 1/2 acre area. The dogs are kept on a 26 foot flexi-lead at all times. Your dog will have lots of attention, fun and a mini-vacation for them-self.

If you like bring your own dog food or let your dog enjoy our high quality dog food. Plenty of water is always with your dogs.

Please let us know, if your dog is on any kind of special diet or medication. We like to keep up your dog on the same schedule as they are at home.


During the time of the stay we can optionally train your dog for you. We have specialized programs for obedience, as well as protection.


Please call for more details on our Board and Train programs.

We also offer In-Kennel bathing or grooming services before returning home.

In Home Grooming service

Grooming services

In home service area for grooming:

McLean-VA, Great Falls-VA, Leesburg-VA, 


Service includes:

  • Brushing

  • Haircut

  • Bath

  • Drying

  • Haircut

  • Nail trimming

  • Ear cleaning


We also offer deep clean bathing for short hair dog, which do not need a trim.

  • Brushing 

  • Bath

  • Drying

  • Nail trimming

  • Ear cleaning


All grooming services are also offered at our facility in Charles Town, WV for our boarding clients.


Please call Sabine for an appointment. Thank you.

Schutzhund Group


This is a very specialized Dog Sport. The dogs are trained in tracking, obedience and protection. All 3 phases require commitment, time and discipline.

The sport of Schutzhund originated in Germany and is a lot of fun for you and your dog, but it is very time consuming. It requires years of training to perfect and combine the best attributes of man/woman and dog.


Our training times are Wednesdays from 11 am - to open end.


On Saturdays we start with tracking @ 9 am.

At 11 am we meet at the field for obedience, followed by protection work. Schutzhund is an all day activity. 


Please visit  for more information.

Seminars and Events

Please check our webpage  for information on Seminars.

We host most of the events and seminars at our home facility in Charles Town West Virginia.

We often have World Class Trainers at our place. We just finished one of our best workshops by far with leading World Class Trainer "Knut Fuchs" in May of 2023. Please check back often to find out who is coming next to visit our facility.!

Next huge event will be the DVG National Championship. We will be hosting the Championship in Martinsburg, WV. 

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B U T,


... if the true measure of a master trainer is his ability to teach, to motivate, to raise the standards and expectations of the dog, the teams, and the individuals, and to work with a wide variety of breeds and handlers in all aspects, then we are truly very lucky that our master trainer is  

   "Mr. Hardy Ernsting"

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For more information on our training, training classes, boarding and training programs, problem solving, Schutzhund, personal protection please contact us via 



call Hardy @ 5716432107, Sabine @ 5716431213 or Yannick @ 3042837924

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