breeding dog:: FAYE VOM ROTEN STURM

Titles:: AKC, BH, IGP1

Faye received her BH in fall of 2017!

In summer of 2019 Faye received her IPO 1 title with 93 points in the bite work. She now is working towards her IPO 2 and IPO 3! 

Faye is born in March of 2016 out of Chilli Airport Hannover, IPO3 and Jim vom Roten Merlin, IPO3

Faye is a superb working dog with all the right drives - never ending drives! Her bite work is powerful, fast and strong! Just like mom Chilli Airport Hannover.

Faye has super nice drives in the obedience, fast in all speed exercises. 

Faye's drive are on a scale from 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest, Faye is a 15!


Faye find's herself plenty of time in trouble in mom "Lori's" home. She particular loves that shoes and that purse of hers. It just smells to good. Lately Faye is trying to move out dad Chris out of the house, collecting all of his stuff and dumping it at the front door :) . Faye is just a very happy dog!